National Representation

National Flower

The national flower of Bhutan is the Himalayan Blue Poppy(Meconopsis Grandis). This unique flower grows above tree line(3500-4500 meters) on rocky mountain regions.


The official religion is Buddhism.The teachings allow one to embody both mind and body. You will reach enlightenment if you follow and understand the concepts of emptiness, wisdom, compassion, and skillful means.

National Animal

The Takin(Burdorcastaxicolor), is Bhutan’s national animal. It lives in group and is found above 4,000-meter on the north-western and far north-eastern. These animals feed on bamboo. Takin are rare, therefore they are an endangered species.

National Sport

The national sport is the archery(Dha). The bow and arrow play a significant role in many Bhutanese myths and legend. Archery was declared as the national sport in 1971 when Bhutan became a member of the United Nation.

National Carrier

Bhutan’s national carrier is Drukair, established in 1981.There are 4 airports in Bhutan, which include Paro, Bumthang, and Gelephug and Yongphula. The airline now operates out of 10 international destination in 5 countries. Drukair has a professional team that provides quality, reliability, and safe travel for both domestic and international flights.


The official language in Bhutan is Dzongkha. Bhutanese also speak Tshanglakha and the Lhotshamkha. Tshanglakha is spoken in the eastern region of the country and Lhotshamkha is used by the southern. Most of the people that are in the tourism industry speak English. It is also being taught in schools.

National bird

Raven is the Bhutan’s National Bird. It represents one of the most powerful deities of the country, Jarog Dongchen.

National Dress

Gho is the national dress for men in Bhutan. National Dress for Bhutanese women is Kira


Peak Season


off season

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